ocean jasper polished sphereOcean Jasper Sphere
ocean jasper polished sphere
ocean jasper polished sphere

Ocean Jasper Sphere

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Ocean jasper which comes exclusively from Madagascar was first discovered in the 1950's but was not introduced to the world until the year 2000, by 2006 the original source of this rare mineral which could only be accessed during low tide, was completely exhausted of all gem grade material.  Although small deposits of ocean jasper have since been discovered elsewhere in Madagascar, most if not all are now also mined out.

Although it has long been considered to be a variety of orbicular jasper, new research has opened up the possibility that ocean jasper could actually be a chalcedony. The reasoning behind this theory is the fact that some specimens have identified as being slightly translucent, a characteristic that's quite unusual for jasper. The vast majority of this mineral variety tends to be opaque unless cut very finely however nothing has yet been confirmed and research is ongoing. Irrespective of which family of minerals it belongs to, ocean jasper is an eye-catching and often very colourful stone which is now in high demand and due to the supply chain beginning to dry up, prices are steadily rising.

This highly polished ocean jasper sphere boasts striking colour and distinctive markings and some minute crystallization can also be seen but only as the sphere catches the light at certain angles.

Weight (grams): 500
Size (cms): 7.3 (in diameter)


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