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ocean jasper polished sphere
ocean jasper polished sphere
ocean jasper polished sphere

Ocean Jasper Sphere

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Ocean Jasper is a rare stone which comes exclusively from Madagascar.  It was first discovered in the 1950's but was not introduced properly to the world until the year 2000 but sadly by 2006, it was already mined out.  Although other small deposits of Ocean Jasper have periodically been found, most if not all have now also been exhausted so there really is little or no gem grade material left available to mine. 

Although it has always been thought of as being a rare variety of Orbicular Jasper, new research is suggesting that Ocean Jasper may actually belong to the family of minerals known as chalcedony. The reason for this is because some specimens exhibit slight translucency which traditionally is a characteristic that's unusual for jasper. The vast majority of this material tends to be opaque unless finely cut so this characteristic is now being looked at in more detail.   

With Ocean Jasper being almost completely mined out, the supply chain is gradually drying up so finding nice quality stones to use for lapidary purposes is becoming more of a challenge.  This polished Ocean Jasper sphere is the only piece of its kind that we currently have available and it's sure to be an eye-catching addition to any collection of crystals, rocks and minerals.

Weight (grams): 500
Size (cms): 7.3 (in diameter)




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