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free standing ocean jasper mineral part polishedOcean Jasper | Stone Mania
free standing ocean jasper mineral part polished
free standing ocean jasper mineral part polished
ocean jasper mineral part polished

Ocean Jasper

Price: £86.99
Product Code: OCJASB



Ocean jasper is a rare natural mineral which can only be found in Madagascar. Although long believed to be a variety of orbicular jasper new research suggests that it could actually be from the family of minerals known as chalcedony because jasper rarely exhibits any degree of translucency and some ocean jasper has been found to be slightly translucent.

Following its initial discovery in the 1950's there was no further mention of Ocean Jasper until the year 2000 when it turned up at a world famous mineral fair in the United States. Sadly by 2006 no gem grade material was left available to mine and although other veins have subsequently been found in different parts of the island, those too have now also dried up.

This exceptionally colourful part polished ocean jasper is every bit as beautiful as it appears in our photo. Full of minute sparkling crystals, it's free-standing and is angled so that it tilts back very slightly which enables the highly polished face to be fully appreciated.

Ocean jasper is now classified as rare and pieces of this calibre are becoming more difficult to find.  As time goes by this striking variety of jasper will sadly begin to disappear from circulation and as it does so, prices for even the smallest pieces are certain to rise significantly.

Weight (grams): 480
Size (cms): 9 x 8.4 x 3.4




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