large rough chunks of mookaite jasper rockMookaite Rough Stones | Stone Mania
large rough chunks of mookaite jasper rock
large rough chunks of mookaite jasper rock

Mookaite Jasper (rough)

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Rough Mookaite Jasper Stones


Rough chunks of mookaite jasper, these colourful pieces are being sold individually so choose the piece that you'd like from the dropdown list before proceeding to checkout.

Mookaite is one of Australia's best known gemstones with the other probably being the opal.  It occurs in a wide range of striking colours which makes it particularly eye-catching and hugely popular.  Mookaite or Australian Jasper as it's also sometimes known, is a variety of jasper that's relatively hard and takes on a high polish.  The finest grade material is in great demand primarily to create gemstones or to use for other lapidary purposes.  Being an opaque material, when used for gemstones it tends to be cut as a cabochon. 

Surprisingly Mookaite is only found in one relatively small location in Western Australia.  It's named after Mooka Creek which is the area where it's found but strangely enough, the name Mookaite has never been officially registered.  The geological name for this variety of jasper is windalia radiolarite and although other varieties of radiolarite can be found in several locations around the world, windalia can only be found in Mooka Creek. 

It's very common for rocks and minerals to either be named after the location where they were initially discovered or after the person who found them.  Other examples include the feldspar mineral labradorite which was first discovered on the coast of Labrador in Canada, Shungite which comes from an area in north west Russia called Shun'ga and sugilite which was named after Japanese geologist Kenichi Sugi who discovered the stone in 1944.  Adding "ite" to the end of a name usually works well and doesn't cause too many problems except for one lesser known mineral that was named after the American mineralogist George Letchworth English.  This material a piece of which is on display in London's Natural History museum ended up being called Englishite!   

These are the only three pieces of rough mookaite that we currently have available. The stone at the back in the centre is number 1 in the dropdown list, the stone front right is number 2 and number 3 is the mookaite stone on the front left of the photo. 




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