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deep green coloured moldavite Moldavite | Stone Mania


Price: £62.99
Product Code: MOLV



Moldavite (sometimes incorrectly spelt moldovite) is a unique and curious material which cannot accurately be classified as a crystal. More accurately known as a tektite, it's now extremely rare hence market price has risen dramatically in recent years making even the smallest piece of moldavite expensive. It's estimated that the total amount of moldavite that's available to mine on this planet is around 275 tons.

Moldavite is believed to have been formed when a huge meteorite struck the Earth and the heat of the impact metamorphosed surrounding rocks but there are also numerous other theories which relate to its origin.

If moldavite is something you're not familiar with it's well worth getting your hands on a piece whilst it's still available. It is undoubtedly a curious and fascinating material especially for someone with an interest in mineralogy.  It's quite easy to spend far too long gazing into pieces like this whilst holding them up towards the light whilst wondering where it really came from.

As with all unpolished moldavite, this piece has a unique and rather unusual texture which cannot really be described or likened to anything else in the mineral world.  It's also curiously translucent

Weight (grams): 6.7
Size (cms) : 3.2 x 2.1




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