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part polished green malachite slabMalachite Slab | Stone Mania
part polished green malachite slab
green coloured part polished slab of malachite
green coloured part polished slab of malachite


Price: £139.00
Product Code: MALKY



An exceptional piece of malachite that originates from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Part polished and with tantalising colour, it comes from the Kolwezi mine which is an area that's extremely important for the mining of copper.  Malachite usually occurs in or around copper mines.

Some of the world's finest specimens of malachite comes from Africa and in particular Congo (formerly Zaire) and it's believed to have been one of the earliest ores of copper.  First mined over 5000 years ago in the Sinai and Eastern deserts of Ancient Egypt, malachite was also ground down so that it could be used as a cosmetic particularly for around the eyes, a pigment for paint and as a glaze to colour glass.  It continued to be used as a pigment for thousands of years and the green colour in some of the finest works of art have been created using malachite.  Although rare, pigments from natural minerals are still used by some artists today.

This piece of malachite would make great addition to any collection of rough or polished minerals. 

Weight (grams): 1400
Size (cms): 8 x 9 x 3.7




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