rough green malachite mineral specimenMalachite Rock
rough green malachite mineral specimen
malachite mineral specimen rough minerals


Price: £87.00
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A superb piece of rough malachite mined in South Africa, meticulously chosen by one of the team and a piece that we're very happy to have as part of our collection.  The underside of this malachite exhibits a considerable amount of chrysocolla and it will make a great addition to any enthusiast's mineral collection.  Malachite is soft and very fragile so finding rough pieces that are still in good condition can be a real challenge.  On Mohs scale of mineral hardness, it is only graded as 3½ to 4.

Malachite is popular as a gemstone and usually relatively easy to identify because of its distinctive colour and prominent black banding. Some of the finest stones come from Africa which is where we do a vast amount of our buying but despite seeing plenty of rough malachite, you don't often come across that many pieces in this condition.  Reasonably priced specimens that are undamaged tend to be scooped up as soon as they become available so to find them, you need luck and plenty of patience.

We never buy any of our crystals, rocks and minerals just for the sake of having them in our collection and admittedly can sometimes be a little too fussy!  We never compromise quality for quantity and in the case of this rough piece of malachite, patience certainly paid off. 

Weight (grams): 700
Size (cms): 25 x 11.5 x 7.5


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