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large chunk of polished lapis lazuli
large chunk of polished lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Carving

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An impressive chunk of polished lapis lazuli from Chile boasting rich blue colour and inclusions of the minerals pyrite and white calcite.  Surprisingly the iron pyrite that can be seen in lapis lazuli is not actually an inclusion in the lapis, it's an inclusion within the mineral lazurite which is one of several minerals that makes up this well known blue coloured metamorphic rock.

Although lapis lazuli is often referred to as a mineral it is in fact a rock because it's made up of a number of different minerals.  Lazurite which is the main constituent and primary cause of its colour can also be found in sodalite and this less expensive and lighter weight mineral is often mistaken for lapis lazuli.  

A significant amount of the world's lapis comes from the Badakhshan region of Afghanistan and many of the mines there have been continually worked for 6,500 years.  Smaller supplies can also be found in Chile and just a handful of other locations worldwide.

This highly polished chunk of lapis lazuli weighs in at over one kilo so do bear that in mind before confirming your order.

Weight (grams): 1076
Size (cms): 15.4 x 11.9




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