polished lapis lazuli carvingLapis Lazuli
polished lapis lazuli carving

Lapis Lazuli Carving

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This impressive lapis lazuli carving is from Afghanistan and as with most fine grades of this stone, it boasts the most incredible rich blue colour.  Generously included with iron pyrite and also calcite, it's highly polished and weighs in at over one kilo so do bear this in mind before confirming your order.

Lapis lazuli is often referred to as a mineral when in fact it's a rock that's made up of many different minerals.  Its blue colour is caused primarily by the presence of lazurite which is the mineral that's also associated with sodalite hence this less expensive and lighter weight mineral is often mistaken for lapis lazuli.  

A significant amount of the world's lapis comes from the Badakhshan region of Afghanistan and many of the mines there have been continually worked for 6,500 years.  A favourite gemstone of the Ancient Egyptians, lapis lazuli was highly prized and frequently imitated and much of the material used in Ancient Egypt came from these same mines.  Thousands of years later and this unmistakable blue stone is still incredibly popular but because of the situation in Afghanistan, it can be extremely difficult to source and can also be very expensive.

A chunk of lapis lazuli of this size and grade definitely makes quite a statement and if you're someone who loves beautiful polished minerals, you may well feel yourself being drawn to this piece.  .

Weight (grams): 1076
Size (cms): 15.4 x 11.9


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