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labradorite part polished natural mineral
Labradorite natural mineral


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This part polished labradorite captures the light beautifully and in return exhibits some beautiful colours.  The outer section of the rock is also very slightly iridescent but only when it catches the light at certain angles.  The optical phenomenon that can be seen in labradorite is known as schiller or labradorescence and is caused by the scattering of light across the surface of the stone.  Although labradorite is generally a dark coloured mineral, the surface of the rock especially after having been polished truly comes alive as it interacts with the light.   

Labradorite is a natural mineral that's a variety of feldspar which takes its name from the Labrador coast in Canada.  It's relatively hard which makes it particularly suitable as a lapidary material and gemstones tend to be cut as cabochons.  When polished they have a vitreous lustre.

Weight (grams): 154.6
Size (cms): 9.2 x 4




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