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large iron pyrite cubeIron Pyrite Cube | Stone Mania

Iron Pyrite Cube

Price: £16.35
Product Code: IYPYB



Large iron pyrite cubes, a curious and fascinating mineral that always attracts plenty of attention.  The brassy yellow colour that gives iron pyrite a similar appearance to gold is the very reason why the nickname Fool's Gold came about.  During the gold rush of the early 19th century many prospectors found pieces of iron pyrite and mistook them for gold.

Iron pyrite is a lustrous mineral which certainly looks very similar to gold however one of the main differences is that it's not quite as yellow.  Pyrite crystals can grow in a variety of different shapes but one of the most common is a cube.

This popular and well known naturally occurring mineral is widely used in crystal healing primarily for protection because its shiny surface is said to act like a shield that reflects negative energies.  It's often recommended for those who work in dangerous situations because it's also said to offer protection from physical danger.

Iron pyrite cubes make great gifts for kids who are into crystals, rocks and minerals.  As well as being fascinated by their similarity to gold, they make great ornaments and are perfect for adding to a collection.  It's important to note that iron pyrite is however very brittle so if dropped, it is likely to shatter.  

Weight (grams): 102.2
Size (cms): 2.7 x 2.7 x 3




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