Lemon Quartz Crystal

Price: £42.85
Product Code: LQHF



Translucent Pear-Shaped Gemstone


  • Faceted with a checkerboard cut

  • Rich yellow colour

  • Suitable for jewellery making

  • Cut and polished by local craftsmen

  • 91.5 carats (18.3 grams)


An exceptionally large pear-shaped lemon quartz gemstone that interacts with light at every angle.  Faceted and polished by a local craftsman in Rajasthan, it's ideal for jewellery making or could just be enjoyed for the impressive gemstone that it is.   There are some polishing issues with this lemon quartz but they're minor and can only be seen with careful examination but that didn't put us off.  When buying from local craftsmen the amount of work and skill that goes into faceting and polishing each gemstone from the original rough quartz crystal is quite unbelievable and these stones cannot be compared to those produced en-masse for the wider commercial market.  This of course is reflected in the price and in buying these stones it enables us to pass on incredible savings to our customers.

Lemon quartz does not occur naturally but instead is the result of heat treating amethyst which brings about a change in the stone's colour. Most of the world's finest gemstones including rubies and sapphires undergo some form of heat treatment to enhance or change their colour and this practice dates back thousands of years.

Weight (grams) : 18.3
Size (cms) : 3.8 x 2.6 x 1.6





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