galena mineral covered in calcite crystalsGalena with Calcite
galena mineral covered in calcite crystals

Galena with Calcite

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Particularly eye catching but rather heavy galena mineral specimen which is partly covered on just one side with a layer of calcite crystals.  

Galena which often occurs with the mineral calcite is the primary ore of lead and a compound of lead and sulphur.  Due to the amount of lead that's present, even the smallest piece can be heavy.  It's an important source of silver and galena from certain localities is known to contain as much as 2%.

Exhibiting a bright metallic lustre it's prone to tarnish hence we recommend this mineral specimen be kept in a display cabinet and that the galena is wiped regularly with a soft, clean cloth.  Like silver galena is a soft metal which grades just 2½ on Mohs scale of mineral hardness and it's also brittle so must be handled very carefully. 

In Ancient Egypt galena was used to protect the eyes from the sun as well as to repel flies and it was also mixed with other ingredients to make an eye cosmetic known as kohl. Today in crystal healing galena is believed to be beneficial for doctors, homeopaths and herbalists due to its holistic healing properties. 

Weight (grams): 266.8
Size (cms): 6.9 x 1.5 x 4.3




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