Four reddish brown coloured, highly polished carnelian pebblesCarnelian Pebbles | Stone Mania
Four reddish brown coloured, highly polished carnelian pebbles
Four reddish brown coloured, highly polished carnelian pebbles

Carnelian Pebbles

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Colourful carnelian pebbles, highly polished, wonderfully tactile and each piece was carefully chosen by one of the team here at Stone Mania.

Carnelian has been enjoyed as a natural mineral for thousands of years and its history as a gemstone can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. Various items of jewellery and other artifacts featuring carnelian were discovered in Ancient Egyptian tombs because it was believed to accompany the soul into the afterlife.

These colourful carnelian pebbles are competitively priced which makes them particularly suitable for younger mineral collectors. According to Judy Hall's Crystal Bible carnelian is an excellent stone for restoring vitality, motivation and for stimulating creativity.

Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony whose colour comes primarily from traces of hematite. It can often exhibit banding hence is sometimes also referred to as agate. Although generally recognised as a reddish brown coloured stone, the exact shade of colour can vary quite significantly. Markings in carnelian tend to appear as spots, stripes or blend into each other and it's mostly a translucent stone which exhibits a lustre that's vitreous. Lustre describes the way in which light interacts with a crystal, rock or mineral and specimens with a vitreous lustre tend to have a texture and appearance that's best described as being glassy.

On Mohs scale of mineral hardness carnelian which is sometimes also known as cornelian, grades 6½ to 7 which makes it relatively hard.  With that said, care should always be taken when handling natural minerals because many will crack or chip quite easily.

These carnelian pebbles are being offered for sale individually so please select the one that you'd like to purchase from the drop down list.  Number one refers to the stone in the top left of our photo, number two is underneath, three is top right and four is the carnelian stone in the bottom right corner. 




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