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bumble bee jasper polished mineral
bumble bee jasper polished mineral
bumble bee jasper polished mineral

Bumble Bee Jasper

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Bumble Bee Jasper is a rare natural mineral which has only ever been found on the Indonesian island of Java.  Sadly the stone is almost completely mined out meaning there's virtually no gem grade material left available to mine. The vast majority of the Bumble Bee Jasper that's out of the ground is now in the hands of mineral collectors and dealers.  Large volumes of the stone which have already been cut into cabochons for use in the jewellery trade are sitting in warehouses in Jaipur in India.  Many of the gemstones used in commercial grade jewellery that's sold around the world are cut and polished in Jaipur.  When cut as a cabochon Bumble Bee Jasper is also sometimes known as Eclipse Stone.

This relatively unknown variety of jasper is a sedimentary rock that's made up of volcanic ash, mud and layers of sulfur which is the cause of its vibrant yellow colour.  Bumble Bee Jasper is now considered to be extremely rare hence prices have risen dramatically in recent years.  Finding pieces which have not already been cut as gemstones is extremely difficult and those which do become available are often a very low grade.  

This well polished chunky Bumble Bee Jasper mineral boasts incredible colour and is one of only a few pieces that we currently have available in our collection.

Weight (grams): 38.6
Size (cms): 8.7 x 3 x 2.9




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