Banded amethyst massage wand featuring purple and white quartzBanded Amethyst Massage Wand | Stone Mania
Banded amethyst massage wand featuring purple and white quartz
banded amethyst massage wand featuring white and purple quartz

Banded Amethyst

Price: £5.50
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An eye-catching and wonderfuly tactile banded amethyst polished mineral, great as an ornamental piece or it could also be used for crystal healing.  Boasting rich purple colour alongside milky-white quartz, this stone which comes from South Africa is the only piece of its kind that we currently have available.

Banded amethyst is also known as chevron amethyst due to the chevron-like markings that some stones exhibit.  Although a variety of amethyst it's not quite as well known but is widely used as a lapidary material.  When cut as a gemstone it's almost always cut as a cabochon.  Banded amethyst can be used as an alternative birthstone for the month of February.

Weight (grams): 78.4
Size (cms): 7.3 x 2.8 x 3.2




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