Banded amethyst massage wand featuring purple and white quartzBanded Amethyst Massage Wand | Stone Mania
Banded amethyst massage wand featuring purple and white quartz
banded amethyst massage wand featuring white and purple quartz

Banded Amethyst

Price: £5.50
Product Code: BAMW



Highly polished banded amethyst massage wand, incredibly tactile and boasting rich purple colour alongside milky white quartz. Although designed to be used as a massage wand, this translucent stone also makes a fine display piece particularly for someone who loves amethyst which is the purple variety of quartz.

Banded amethyst is also known as chevron amethyst due to the chevron-like markings that stones often exhibit.  Along with the traditional variety of amethyst, it's the birthstone for the month of February.

Banded amethyst massage wands are generally used in crystal healing.  This piece comes from South Africa, it was meticulously chosen and carefully photographed in order to try and capture its natural colour and beauty.

Weight (grams): 78.4
Size (cms): 7.3 x 2.8 x 3.2




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