Banded amethyst massage wand featuring purple and white quartzBanded Amethyst Massage Wand | Stone Mania
Banded amethyst massage wand featuring purple and white quartz
banded amethyst massage wand featuring white and purple quartz

Banded Amethyst

Price: £5.50
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A charismatic and surprisingly tactile banded amethyst polished mineral, ideal as an ornamental piece or it could also be used in crystal healing.  Boasting rich purple colour alongside milky-white quartz, it comes from South Africa and is a stone that certainly won't disappoint. 

Banded amethyst is also known as chevron amethyst due to the chevron-like markings that some stones exhibit.  Although a variety of amethyst it's not quite as well known as the all purple material but is widely used for lapidary purposes.  When cut as a gemstone it's tends to be cut as a cabochon and is often mounted in sterling silver.  Banded amethyst can be used as an alternative birthstone for the month of February.

Weight (grams): 78.4
Size (cms): 7.3 x 2.8 x 3.2




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