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Banded amethyst polished mineralBanded Amethyst Pebble | Stone Mania
Banded amethyst polished mineral
banded amethyst massage wand featuring white and purple quartz

Banded Amethyst

Price: £6.99
Product Code: AMPE



Polished banded amethyst pebble, wonderfully tactile and a great ornamental piece for anyone who loves this purple variety of quartz.

Banded amethyst is also known as chevron amethyst because of the distinctive v-shaped patterns of milky-white quartz which can often resemble chevrons. This name does tend to be more American than English but however you wish to refer to it, it's exactly the same stone. Although not uncommon, this variety of amethyst is not quite as well known as its all purple cousin but is widely used as a lapidary material and can often be found as tumbled stones or polished as a cabochon in various items of ladies jewellery.  

Our banded amethyst pebbles come from South Africa, they're competitively priced and each one has been individually chosen by a member of our team.

Weight (grams): 154.2
Size (cms): 6.3 x 4.8 x 4.2





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