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Ametrine polished point, purple with inclusions of yellow coloured citrineAmetrine Point | Stone Mania
Ametrine polished point, purple with inclusions of yellow coloured citrine
ametrine polished point purple amethyst with inclusions of yellow citrine

Ametrine Point

Price: £47.99
Product Code: CTRPO



A meticulously chosen ametrine point boasting tantalising colour and several areas of fascinating crystallisation. When held up towards the light the true magnificence of Mother Nature's handiwork becomes even more apparent. The yellow colouration that can be seen in this polished ametrine point is caused by inclusions of the mineral citrine.

Although both are varieties of the mineral quartz, amethyst and citrine rarely occur together in nature.  When they do the stone becomes known as ametrine but the vast majority of this rare material comes from just one mine in Bolivia although smaller quantities have now also been discovered in India and Brazil.  

This ametrine point is sure to be enjoyed and appreciated by anyone with a love for natural polished minerals.  With amethyst being the birthstone for February and citrine the birthstone for November, this ametrine point could be a great gift idea for a rock and mineral loving couple whose birthdays are in November and February.

Weight (grams): 132.5
Size (cms): 6.7 x 3 x 3.9




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