small amethyst terminated crystalsAmethyst Points
small amethyst terminated crystals
small amethyst terminated crystals

Amethyst Point (sm)

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Small Amethyst Crystals Rich Purple Colour


Rough amethyst points, rich purple colour, fascinatingly translucent.  These small crystals may be bought individually or in larger quantities.  Make your choice from the dropdown list before proceeding to checkout.  

Amethyst which is the birthstone for the month of February is a well known and highly sought after variety of the mineral quartz.  The stone's history stretches back thousands of years and its popularity is primarily because the colour purple has long been considered to be a symbol of wealth, status and power.  Some of world's finest amethyst crystals can be found in royal jewellery collections from Ancient Egypt to the British Crown Jewels and even today purple continues to be thought of as an exclusive and regal colour.  During the reign of King Henry VIII sumptuary laws were introduced for different classes in society which documented who was permitted to wear purple coloured fabrics.

These amethyst points are brittle so should be handled with care.  They're ideal for ornamental purposes but we do not recommend them for younger children in case they end up in their mouth.  Imported by Stone Mania from South Africa. 

Weight (grams) : 2
Size (cms) : 1.8 x 1.3 


The size and weight of these rough amethyst points varies very slightly from piece to piece.  





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