large amethyst geode featuring rich purple coloured quartz crystalsAmethyst Geode | Stone Mania
large amethyst geode featuring rich purple coloured quartz crystals
purple amethyst quartz geode featuring large translucent crystals
the outside of a large amethyst geode
large amethyst geode featuring rich purple coloured quartz crystals

Amethyst Geode

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Captivating Amethyst Geode from Uruguay


A magnificent amethyst geode featuring large translucent crystals and the richest of purple colour.  This natural mineral which was carefully chosen by the team at Stone Mania is a one piece that certainly won't disappoint.

Birthstone for the month of February, amethyst is a popular mineral and one that's also widely used for lapidary purposes.  One of the most highly sought after varieties of the mineral quartz, it has a long history which dates back thousands of years and it's just as popular today as it always has been.

The distinctive colour of amethyst is caused by trace impurities of iron but manganese determines the richness of the colour.  Some of the world's finest material comes from South America and in particular from Brazil.

This large amethyst geode will make a wonderful display piece for anyone who loves natural rocks and minerals.  The purple colour is known to fade however if exposed to bright sunlight so you always think carefully about the best position for a piece of amethyst. 

If you have an eye for detail you'll notice from the reflection in our first photograph that there's something behind this geode.  It was there to support the mineral because it doesn't stand up by itself but keeping it upright for any length of time is not advisable.  The difference in colour of the amethyst crystals from the first photo to the last is caused by the use of studio lighting.  Lighting can make the colour of certain rocks and minerals appear to be a different shade in photographs hence we now also add an additional photograph that has been taken in a regular setting.  The colour has not been adjusted or enhanced in any of the photos.
Weight (kg's) : 2.8
Size (cms) : 22 x 21.5 x 3.7




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