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oval shaped polished amazonite stone
oval shaped polished amazonite stone

Amazonite Stone

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Incorrectly Named Amazonite


Wonderfully tactile amazonite stone, highly polished exemplary colour and markings. Amazonite also known as Amazon Stone is a variety of the mineral feldspar which often exhibits white to greyish coloured markings.  Its primary colour can vary from the lightest shades of blue to different shades of green.

Despite its name amazonite is not found anywhere near the Amazon Basin in South America and it's believed that following its discovery it became mixed up with another similar material that was found in that area.  Once rocks and minerals have been named and classified it's rare for the name to ever be changed. 

This amazonite polished stone exhibits very slight chatoyance which can be seen as it's gently moved around in certain light.  It certainly won't disappoint and could make a wonderful gift for someone who loves polished rocks and minerals.  

Weight (grams): 72
Size (cms): 5.1 x 3.7 x 2.6




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