Polished grey and pink coloured agate with visible bandingPolished Agate | Stone Mania
Polished grey and pink coloured agate with visible banding
Polished agate stone
polished grey, cream and pink coloured agate stone

Agate Stone

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Wonderfully tactile polished agate stone with distinctive colours and banding.  

Agate is made up almost entirely of silicon dioxide or silica which is found most commonly in nature as quartz.  This natural mineral is well known for its sharp, angular band-like patterns and stones can be particularly colourful.  Its patterns and colours are caused by other minerals or elements which become associated with the stone during its formation.  

A relatively hard mineral that grades 6½ to 7 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness, agate has been known and used by man for thousand of years and is believed to have been one of the very first lapidary materials.

This colourful polished agate would make a great gift for a budding mineral collector but that said, it's actually a beautiful and very tactile stone that's likely to be enjoyed by anyone who loves crystals, rocks and minerals irrespective of age.
Weight (grams): 63.1
Size (cms): 6 x 3.3 x 2.6




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