large ornamental slice of polished agate Agate Slice | Stone Mania
large ornamental slice of polished agate
large ornamental slice of polished agate
large ornamental slice of polished agate

Agate Slice

Price: £34.99
Product Code: AGTS



Three photos of the same slice of agate but each looks slightly different because of the lighting.  In our first shot this agate slice was standing against a dark background and we subsequently moved it onto white, in the second it was photographed on white and is lit up from behind.  Our third photo was taken with it laying flat on a light coloured surface.  The reason for the dramatic change in colour is because agate is translucent hence its apperance can change dramatically depending on the angle of the light. 

Agate is a porous mineral and one which has for thousands of years has been dyed primarily because those varieties which occur in black, white and grey are not deemed to be attractive enough to sell to the wider commercial market.  Whilst it's true that some specimens may not be as colourful as others, what they lack in colour they usually make up with other curious or fascinating characteristics but seemingly colour is what matters the most.  For this reason agate slices can usually be found in all kinds of colours many of which make it blatantly obvious that it's been dyed.  At Stone Mania we prefer not to feature crystals, rocks and minerals in our collection which have been coloured artificially using dyes.  We choose our pieces very carefully and it has to be said we don't really understand why anyone would want to dye something that's taken Mother Nature millions of years to create.

A small section of the outer edging of this agate slice has broken away but that certainly didn't deter us off from buying it.  The length of the section concerned is 1.5 centimetres and is literally just the outer edge of the rock.  It can be clearly seen in our photo on the upper left side. There is also a minor scratch that can only be seen when this agate slice is held horizontally at certain angles and although not particularly unusual in polished minerals which exhibit a vitreous lustre or glass-like texture, we have taken this into consideration when calculating the price.  

Weight (grams): 320
Size (cms): 21 x 16.6 x 0.8





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