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Petrified Wood

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Polished Petrified Wood



Highly polished petrified wood from Zimbabwe dating back several million years. Petrified wood is a type of fossil in which the original organic matter has been replaced by various minerals the most common of which is quartz. The process of petrifaction comes about when plants and trees fall to the ground usually in swampy or marshy areas and are quickly buried by sediment. Having been starved of oxygen the plant or tree does not decay so its structure and general appearance remains virtually unchanged. As water rich in natural minerals flows through the sediment, the organic material is gradually replaced. The end result is petrified wood or literally wood that has been turned into stone.

Petrified wood is also sometimes referred to as fossilized wood although the term is not wholly accurate unless there's evidence that traces of life have been preserved in the rock.

The term "petrified wood" comes from Greek and translates literally as "wood turned into stone".

This rich brown coloured slice of petrified wood is highly polished on one side only and some of the original tree rings are clearly visible.

Weight (grams) : 380
Size (cms) : 15 x 15 x 0.9




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