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slice of polished petrified wood
slice of polished petrified wood
Polished slice of petrified wood

Petrified Wood

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Polished Petrified Wood Slice



Polished slice of petrified wood from South Africa. 

Petrified wood is a fascinating mineral which formed through petrifaction of the original organic material.  The word petrifaction comes from Ancient Greek and literally means "wood turned into stone". As ancient forests died trees fell into riverbeds or floodplains and subsequently either decomposed or became buried under sediments which often included volcanic ash.  Silica which had been dissolved by water then seeped into the organic matter filling cavities and replacing cells and as the water dried out, all that was left were natural minerals which subsequently crystallised as quartz.

The replacement of plant tissue with minerals in some petrified wood has been so precise that both the internal structure and external shape of the original log has been accurately reproduced. Petrified wood is unique and pieces can be quiet fascinating with many dating back 190 to 200 million years.

All of the petrified wood that we feature in our collection has been individually chosen by one of our team.  These highly polished slices make fascinating display pieces and are a great gift for anyone who's interested in the natural world.

Weight (grams) : 218.6
Size (cms) : 15 x 12.7 x 0.6




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