rough piece of the green coloured mineral malachiteMalachite Mineral | Stone Mania
rough piece of the green coloured mineral malachite
rough piece of the green coloured mineral malachite


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Rough Malachite Mineral



Malachite is a mineral that we love having as part of our collection and because we do a significant amount of our buying in South Africa, there's never any shortage of it.

Although we were not able to capture it in our photograph when this piece of malachite is illuminated, its minute crystals sparkle incessantly. In fact as soon as it catches the tiniest amount of light sparkling crystals can clearly be seen.  For a taster take a look at the video on our Facebook page and you'll see what we mean.

Malachite is a fragile mineral hence must be handled carefully.  For this reason finding really nice rough pieces can be a challenge.  On Mohs scale of mineral hardness it grades just 3½ to 4 yet that doesn't deter manufacturers from using it as a lapidary material and it's hugely popular and has been used for carving and as a gemstone for thousands of years.

If you love rocks and minerals as much as we do and in particular malachite, this piece certainly won't disappoint.   

Weight (grams) :  77
Size (cms) : 9.1 x 8 x 2




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