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polished chrysocolla mineral
polished chrysocolla mineral
polished chrysocolla mineral


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Polished Chrysocolla



An exceptional polished chrysocolla stone from our collection of crystals rocks and minerals.  This striking piece boasts fantastic colour and markings and is also incredibly tactile but due to chrysocolla being soft and fragile, it should really be handled as little as possible.  On Mohs scale of mineral hardness chrysocolla grades just 2½  to 3½.  Having said that despite its fragility it remains a popular lapidary material.  

Chrysocolla frequently occurs with several other minerals some of which can include malachite, turquoise, azurite and quartz.  The presence of quartz increases the stone's hardness and the more quartz that's present the harder the stone.  In some cases it can even reach 5 to 5½ on Mohs scale.   

The early Native American Indians used chrysocolla for healing and also for dealing with emotional challenges.  Historically it has also been used in powdered form as a digestive aid and to improve resistance to disease.  Chrysocolla was also believed to relieve symptoms of arthritis.  Today in crystal healing it's said to provide inner strength during periods of stress or grief and promote harmony whilst eliminating negativity.      

Weight (grams) : 72.9
Size (cms) : 6.1 x 3.3 x 0.4




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