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group of seven chevron amethyst polished crystals
group of seven chevron amethyst polished crystals

Chevron Amethyst Crystals

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Chevron Amethyst Polished Crystals



Colourful chevron amethyst crystals which although designed as massage wands would make a great addition to any collection of polished rocks and minerals.  Each piece has a flat base on one side hence sits perfectly on any surface without wobbling around.  Originally from South Africa, these crystals were meticulously chosen by one of our team and come in a stylish gift pouch that will help keep the stone safe.

Chevron amethyst or banded amethyst as it's also known features milky white quartz sandwiched between rich purple coloured amethyst.  The name comes from the distinctive v-shaped patterns that often resemble chevrons.  Although not quite as well known as the all purple translucent variety, this stone is widely used as a lapidary material and tumbled stones are particularly popular.

Each polished chevron amethyst crystal has its own unique qualities and characteristics but remember these are natural minerals that have been polished not gemstones so all have minor anomalies.  Both photographs were taken in natural daylight, no artificial lighting was used.

Choose the piece that you'd like from the dropdown list before proceeding to checkout. The chevron amethyst crystal in the twelve o'clock position is number one, numbers continue clockwise ending with number seven which is in the centre.  Number seven is being offered at a slightly reduced price because there is a small chip-like indentation just under the front lower right corner (photo 1).  This anomaly can just about be seen in the second photo.  Although really not that noticeable it can be felt.

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