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blue lace agate polished gemstone
blue lace agate polished gemstone

Blue Lace Agate

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Blue Lace Agate Crystals



Three fine grade blue lace agate crystals, each of these polished stones exhibits magnificent banding and fascinating crystallization and being translucent they become even more interesting when held up towards the light.  Surprisingly despite its name blue lace agate cannot be classified as a true agate because although a translucent variety of the mineral chalcedony which exhibits wavy bands, they did not come about because of layers forming around a central cavity which is considered to be a prerequisite of a true agate. A more appropriate name would therefore be blue lace chalcedony but for the purpose of simplicity, the stone has always been known as agate.

Very small amounts of this mineral can be found in several countries around the world but the vast majority comes from Namibia in south west Africa. The deposit lies close to the Orange River and was discovered in the 1960's by George Swanson who subsequently mined it extensively until his death in 2010. Although the mining operation has now been scaled back significantly, small quantities continue to be mined.

Blue lace agate is particularly hard which makes it popular as a lapidary material and it's usually the finer grade material that ends up being cut as gemstones.  When used for the purpose of crystal healing it's said to be serene and calming and has the ability to activate and heal the throat chakra.

Once polished stones have a vitreous lustre so its surface interacts with light in a very similar way to glass.

These polished blue lace agate crystals are being offered for sale individually so make your selection from the dropdown list before proceeding to checkout.  The first stone on the left which has the curious inclusion has been sold but the one in the middle which is number 2 in the drop down list and the one on the far right which is number 3, are both still available.




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