purple amethyst point subtly included with the yellow mineral citrineAmetrine Point | Stone Mania
purple amethyst point subtly included with the yellow mineral citrine
purple amethyst point subtly included with the yellow mineral citrine

Ametrine Point

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Polished Ametrine Crystal



A tantalising ametrine point with distinctive purple colour and a host of curious inclusions.  This impressive piece features a distinctive patch of yellow colouration which is natural citrine.  Amethyst and citrine are both varieties of the mineral quartz which occur together very rarely in nature.  Ametrine is caused by a significant difference in temperature during the formation of the crystals which along with the presence of iron and the chemical element manganese, produces the two different colours.

It's quite well known that heating amethyst will turn it yellow hence much of the ametrine that's available to buy has been produced by heating amethyst.  The same goes for much of the citrine that's being sold because that too is quite rare and can only be found in a limited number of locations worldwide.  For that reason natural citrine tends to be quite expensive.

Ametrine comes primarily from just one mine in Bolivia although smaller amounts have also been discovered in India and Brazil.

Whilst heating stones to change or enhance their colour may seem like cheating, this practice has a history dating back thousands of years.  The Ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus documented that fire changes one gemstone into another which was a reference to the fact that amethyst loses its colour with the application of heat.

This ametrine point owes its quirky and distinctive appearance to the variation in size of some of its six faces. It boasts a vitreous lustre and is one of the very few pieces of ametrine that we currently have in our collection.

Weight (grams) : 196
Size (cms) : 4.6 x 3.9 x 7.8




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