Four Ways to Get in Touch



Drop Us an E-Mail

Contact us by e-mail at info at stonemania dot co dot uk. Writing the address that way helps to it from being picked up by spammers.


Use the Telephone

Get in touch on 0208 954 2163, if the call happens to go to answerphone please do leave a message and we'll get right back to you as soon as we can.  Please note, ALL marketing related calls will be terminated immediately. If you want to speak with us please do so by email.  If you'd prefer to place your order over the telephone that's fine but we cannot process payments in this way so will either send you a PayPal invoice or a money request through Barclay's Pingit.  Alternatively you can also make payment by bank transfer.  Here's the page on our website which details the payment options available.


Chat Via Text on WhatsApp

You can chat with us at anytime on WhatsApp, just add Stone Mania to your contacts on 07976 799794. You should receive a response from one of the team fairly quickly. Calls to this number will not be answered. You can now also link your WhatsApp account to your PC although it has to be through the "Chrome" web browser because there's no standalone desktop app.  Using WhatsApp on your desktop has many advantages including making typing easier and being able to upload photos from your hard drive.  Here's a handy link that walks you through the set-up; WhatsApp Desktop Set-up


Message Us on Facebook or Instagram

Messages received through social media will usually be picked up quite quickly so if you use Facebook or Instagram feel free to get in touch through either platform.  Links to both of these pages can be found in the margin on the left or for a smaller mobile device, just scroll to the bottom of the page.



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