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We have recently updated a number of images on our website.  If you have visited one of these pages previously you will not see the updated image unless you clear your cookies. A cookie is a snapshot of a page that you have visited that's saved on your device so that it can find the same page quickly the next time you request to go to there.  By not clearing your cache (place where cookies are stored) regularly you will not see photos or information that has recently been updated






When you email us at Stone Mania, we'll always do our best to respond as soon as we possibly can.  Our address is info at stonemania dot co dot uk. 


You can also call us for free on 0800 852 7112. Please note this number is strictly for use by customers who wish to enquire about products on the Stone Mania website or have questions about placing an order.  NO MARKETING CALLS of any kind will be accepted and all such calls will be immediately terminated.


Twitter is a great way to get in touch and we love to tweet but not only about crystals, rocks and minerals but anything else that takes our fancy.  Should you contact us through that medium, we can send you a "direct message link" which will enable us to chat privately and without restriction on the number of characters. 


Whilst we're more than happy to take orders over the telephone, we cannot process payments in this way so can either send you a PayPal invoice or a money request through Barclay's Pingit.  Alternatively you can also make payment by bank transfer.  Here's the page on our website which details payment options.



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