Eudialyte was first discovered in 1819 in Greenland by German professor of chemistry Frederich Stromeyer who named this mineral after two Greek words, 'eu' meaning 'well' and 'dialytos' meaning 'decomposable' which referred to the fact that it decomposes well in acids and in some cases, actually dissolves completely.

It's a very rare mineral and hence location proves useful for its correct identification. Prominent sources include Mount Saint Hilaire in Canada and the Kola Peninsula in Russia but it can also be found in Greenland, Norway and Arkansas in the USA.

Mineralogists at the Canadian Museum of Nature and University of Copenhagen discovered that as many as forty six different chemical elements could be part of Eudialyte's crystal structure and as a result of this study, several new varieties were also discovered.

Fine quality Eudialyte is very highly sought after especially for use in crystal healing.  It is said to help with self love and aid in giving love to others whilst learning about forgiveness.  It facilitates extra sensory perception (ESP) and has also been used in the treatment of optic nerve disorders.  It can help to replenish energy levels in cases of over exertion, increase vitality, help to cleanse the body and also help with the regeneration of damaged organs particularly the pancreas and thyroid.  It purifies the blood and can help to increase and revitalise personal strength. It's a crystal for the heart that can bring harmony into ones emotional life, encouraging confidence and providing inspiration and dispelling jealousy. It is excellent for helping to learn to trust others as well as for our own judgement and for those who are afraid of being hurt, it can bring comfort.  It also helps one to better express their own emotions and to realise that we can and must learn from our own mistakes.  May also help with compulsive behaviour and thinking.

Eudialyte which is graded 5 to 5.5 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness, is classified as scarce in many respected publications so finding good quality material can be quite difficult. 

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