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sunstone tumbled crystals
sunstone tumbled crystals
sunstone tumbled stones
sunstone tumbled crystals

Sunstone (B Grade)

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Sunstone aka Aventurine Feldspar


Grade B sunstone tumbled crystals, a subtle coloured stone also known as aventurine feldspar and heliolite although that's not a name we're familiar with.  A type of feldspar with a distinctive spangled appearance although this is more prominent in finest grade material, sunstone is one of the few gemstones that's never enhanced.

The spangled effect in sunstone is an optical phenomenon caused by the presence of tiny inclusions of the minerals goethite or hematite.  Very occasionally it can also be caused by copper. It's the inclusions that cause the optical phenomenon correctly known as aventurescence.

Man-made goldstone is often used to replicate sunstone and although it's quite easy to tell one from the other, the very finest gem-grade sunstone can look quite similar.  With that said, realistically it's still not difficult to tell natural sunstone from man-made goldstone.

Some of the finest gem-grade stones comes from Oregon in the USA.  This material known for its large crystals tends to be included with copper which can cause a variation in colour.  Stones can also display an intense spangled effect that's further enhanced once Oregon sunstone has been faceted.  Known as the schiller effect, this optical phenomenon is caused as light reflects off the tiny specs of copper that are randomly suspended within the stone.  

Although polished, these grade B sunstone crystals have a slightly rough texture but as with all tumbled stones they're still wonderfully tactile.

In crystal healing sunstone is used to help those who suffer with SAD (seasonal affective disorder).  Carrying the energy of the sun crystals are said to help alleviate depression, boost low mood and encourage optimism.

Our sunstone tumbled stones are available in small and medium sizes.


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Weight Range (grams) : 3.8 - 11.9
Size Range (cms) : 2 - 3.2




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