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dumortierite tumbled stones
dumortierite tumbled stones
seven ruby zoisite crystals
three ruby in zoisite tumbled stones

Ruby Zoisite Crystals

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Ruby in Zoisite Tumbled Crystals


Beautiful ruby zoisite tumbled stones from Tanzania.  This relatively rare stone is a combination of the minerals green zoisite and red corundum but black crystals of hornblende are also often present.  Gem grade red corundum is correctly known as ruby whilst all other colours are known as sapphire.

Minute sparkling crystals can be seen in some of these fine grade tumbled stones as they catch the light at certain angles. 

Also known as ruby in zoisite which is a more accurate description of what it actually is, ruby zoisite is used primarily as a lapidary material but can be difficult to work with because of the difference in hardness between the zoisite and the ruby.  Stones are often confused for ruby in fuchsite (pronounced fook~site) which has a very similar appearance however it's not as rare hence is considerably cheaper. 

These lightly polished ruby zoisite tumbled stones were carefully chosen by one of our team whilst in South Africa.  We currently only have a small number available.


Save 10% on 5 Ruby Zoisite Stones or 30% on 10


Weight Range (grams) : 8 - 18
Size Range (cms) : 2.3 - 3.1





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