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exceptionally colourful orange aventurine tumbled crystalsOrange Aventurine Tumbled Stones | Stone Mania
exceptionally colourful orange aventurine tumbled crystals
exceptionally colourful orange aventurine tumbled crystals
four orange aventurine tumbled crystals

Orange Aventurine Crystals

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Orange Aventurine Tumbled Crystals


Exceptionally tactile and very slightly translucent, orange aventurine healing crystals boasting magnificent colour.  The mineral aventurine occurs in several different colours including green which is the most common, pink, red, orange, brown blue, grey and white.  The variation in colour is caused by impurities of other minerals.  Inclusions of fuchsite (fook-site) a variety of mica rich in chromium causes the crystal to turn green, the minerals hematite and goethite (gur-tite) cause it to either turn pink, red, orange or brown and the presence of muscovite causes aventurine to turn blue, grey or white.  In order for a change of colour to take place these minerals must be present in great abundance.

Although aventurine is often classified as a mineral some argue it should actually be a rock because it's made up of many different minerals.

When used in holistic therapies such as reiki and crystal healing orange aventurine assists with the decision making process, encourages self reflection and the appreciation of old friendships.  A stone of confidence, leadership, decisiveness and prosperity, it promotes compassion and empathy and encourages perseverance.  A stone of creativity it can dissolve mental blocks caused by fatigue and exhaustion.  For this reason orange aventurine is a great companion for writers and those in the performing arts.

Having a collection of orange aventurine crystals in the heart of your home will promote warmth, feelings of well being and happiness.

These highly polished AAA grade crystals range in size from small to large.  As with all tumbled stones, weights and sizes vary slightly from piece to piece. An approximate guide can be found below.


Save 10% on 5 Orange Aventurine Crystals or 30% on 10


Weight Range (grams) : 3.3 - 18
Size Range (cms) : 2 - 3.2




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