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opalite tumbled stones
opalite tumbled stones
opalite tumbled stones

Opalite Tumbled Stones

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Opalite Glass Decorative Stones


Opalite tumbled stones can often be found online being described as "crystals" and many websites talk about their healing properties.  One of the larger UK crystal websites states it increases personal power, boots self-esteem and enables you to unleash inner strengths.  They go on to say it's a great crystal to mediate with and is beneficial for the third eye chakra, it brings a sense of intuition and is great for communicating with spirits.  They even say opalite grades 6 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness.  Another UK based company says opalite is a wonderfully serene crystal, a stone of love that will reward faithful lovers.

Opalite tumbled stones are exceptionally attractive which makes them ideal for decorative purposes.  It's important to be aware however that the material they're made from is glass.  Although glass is made mostly of silicon dioxide which occurs most commonly in nature as the mineral quartz, that's doesn't mean it's a natural material.  Opalite is produced from glass hence is man-made.  Man-made materials do not have a crystalline structure.

Whatever your thoughts and beliefs about the power of crystals and their ability to heal, something that's man-made cannot have healing properties.  Using opalite as a healing crystal is no different to using a drinking glass or any other glass object that you have at home. 

We included opalite for some time in our collection of crystals rocks and minerals because it's an eye-catching and attractive material that was very popular when we did shows and markets.  We haven't bought stones for some time now and only have a small number of opalite tumbled stones left available.  We won't be replenishing our stock once they're gone.  The vast majority of tumbled opalite "crystals" are manufactured in China.     

A great material for decorative purposes, opalite tumbled stones are a colourful and fascinating material so we're absolutely not putting them down in any way.  What we want to do is differentiate them from natural rocks and minerals because what's written about them on many crystal related websites is very misleading.  Providing they're enjoyed for what they are which is glass, they definitely won't disappoint and make great collectables.  

The name opalite was originally used to describe a stone that is today known as Common Opal.  This stone which is widely used as a gemstone has almost the same chemical makeup as precious opal except for it doesn't exhibit play of colour, occurs in a wide variety of different colours and can be found in many countries around the world hence the name "common" opal.

The name opalite started being used because the material was being compared to precious opal and was even being used to imitate rainbow moonstone.  Somewhere along the line it suddenly started being described as a natural crystal or mineral in its own right.

These decorative opalite tumbled stones come in small and medium sizes.  Approximate weights and sizes are given below.  


Save 10% on 5 Opalite Tumbled Stones or 30% on 10


Weight Range (grams) : 5.9 - 14
Size Range (cms) : 2 - 2.8





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