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small group of larimar tumbled crystalsLarimar Crystals | Stone Mania
small group of larimar tumbled crystals
twelve larimar healing crystals laid out in a grid

Larimar Crystals

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Larimar Empathic Warrior Crystals


Last twelve larimar healing crystals, all of these of these highly polished tumbled stones are empathic warriors.  In the world of crystals empathic warriors are stones which have at some point during their existence sustained some form of damage.  According to Judy Hall author of the Crystal Bible series of books these stones are highly prized because their energies will often be considerably stronger than crystals which are not "damaged".  She says broken and damaged crystals should never ever been thrown away.

Larimar is a beautiful and rare material that comes from the mineral blue pectolite.  It can only found in one location worldwide which is the Caribbean island of Dominican Republic. The vast majority of larimar is cut into cabochons for use in jewellery and very little is exported so finding any other material can be a challenge.

Larimar crystals are wonderfully tactile and would make a great addition to any collection of rocks and minerals.  They're also widely used in holistic therapies such as reiki and crystal healing.  Larimar is the ultimate stone for the relief of stress and anxiety and its calming energies make it perfect for use during meditation.  A stone of love, it can help break down barriers that have been put in place around your heart for protection and aids in the release of ingrained patterns of behaviour.  It enlightens and heals in a gentle but persistent manner and stimulates the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras.  Larimar represents peace, clarity of mind and wisdom.

These are the last twelve larimar crystals that we have available and all have minor surface indentations or anomalies.  For this reason they're available at a discounted price.  We are currently looking for a new larimar supplier but are only interested in the finest grade material which is not easy to find.  For this reason we don't know when we'll have more larimar in stock.

Weights of these larimar crystals varies from 6.3 to 16.7 grams and size from 2.5 to 3.3 centimetres.    




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