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Collection of green emerald tumbled crystals
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Emerald Crystals

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Emerald or More Correctly Green Beryl


Tumbled emerald crystals or to be more geologically accurate, green beryl because although a fine grade, these crystals are not considered to be 'gem quality'.  One of the original four 'precious' gemstones, emerald is the green variety of the mineral beryl but this label alone does not give the stone the automatic right to be called an emerald. Richness of colour, saturation, tone and clarity must all reach a specific grade and only then can green beryl officially be classified as emerald.

Gem quality stones are highly sought after and prices can often rival the price of a fine diamond. 

From a gemology and geology perspective, emerald tumbled crystals should really be called green beryl but in order to prevent unnecessary confusion, they're widely known as emeralds.

Emerald is one of the very few gemstones that's rarely found without inclusions or surface reaching fissures. These long narrow breakages are caused by splitting or cracking during the rock's formation.

In Ancient Rome emerald was associated with reproduction hence was dedicated to Venus Goddess of love, beauty, desire and sex.  To the early Christians it represented the resurrection. Today when used as a healing crystal emerald is considered to be a stone of successful love which brings domestic bliss and instils sensitivity and loyalty within one's self as well as others. It has memory enhancing properties which includes the ability to increase memory capacity and combine intelligence and understanding enabling one to take the right action, choice or decision.

As with all tumbled stones, these fine grade emerald healing crystals vary in size from small to medium, approximate weights and sizes can be found below.

Empathic warrior crystals are stones which have at some point in time sustained some kind of damage, usually a chip or fracture.  With rocks and minerals having evolved over millions of years we do not believe in throwing stones away because of minor damage so instead offer them for sale at a significantly reduced price.  Empathic warrior crystals are not always available and should this be the case, a refund will be issued before remaining items in the order are processed.  For more information read our article on empathic warrior crystals


Save 10% on 5 Emerald Healing Crystals or 30% on 10


Weight Range (grams) : 3.6 - 6.4
Size Range (cms) : 2.1 - 2.8




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