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blue lace agate tumbled stones
blue lace agate tumbled stones
eight blue lace agate tumbled stones
three blue lace agate crystals

Blue Lace Agate Crystals

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Blue Lace Agate Crystals


Blue lace agate medium sized tumbled stones from Namibia. These impressive translucent crystals boast distinctive colour and markings.  Their exceptional polish and vitreous lustre contributes to them being incredibly tactile.

Although agate can be an exceptionally colourful mineral it also frequently occurs in shades of black, white and grey.  This material is often dyed which some believe makes it more appealing to the wider commercial market.  The colour of blue lace agate is completely natural.

Blue lace agate and blue agate have a very similar appearance but the two materials are not the same.  Although both are types of chalcedony, only stones with prominent wavy bands are correctly known as blue lace agate.  This banding often features intricate lacy patterns which is how the name of the stone came about.  Although small amounts can be found in a few countries around the world, the vast majority comes from an area of arid desert in southern Namibia close to the border with South Africa.

Blue lace agate is not as widely available as other varieties of blue agate hence tends to be slightly more expensive especially for finer grade material.  The original was first discovered in the 1960's but in recent years mining operations have been scaled back significantly although small quantities continue to be mined there.

Agate is a translucent variety of the mineral chalcedony so blue agate is sometimes also known as blue chalcedony.  Some blue lace agate particularly tumbled stones that we've seen being sold online are in fact blue agate.  This is likely to be an innocent mistake rather than deception because although slightly more expensive, blue lace agate is quite readily available.     

When used in crystal healing blue lace agate is said to induce relaxation and a feeling of calmness which in turn brings about a sense of inner peace and tranquillity. Stones are used for activating and healing the throat chakra and are helpful for alleviating symptoms of a cold, headache and dental problems. A single blue lace agate stone may be used as a worry bead to help ease depression or the feeling of having the whole world resting on your shoulders.

Empathic warrior crystals are stones which have at some point in time sustained some kind of damage, usually a chip or fracture.  With rocks and minerals having evolved over millions of years we do not believe in throwing stones away because of minor damage so instead offer them for sale at a significantly reduced price.  Empathic warrior crystals are not always available and should this be the case, a refund will be issued before remaining items in the order are processed.  For more information read our article on empathic warrior crystals


Save 10% on 5 Blue Lace Agate Crystals or 30% on 10


Weight Range (grams) : 3 - 5.2
Size Range (cms) : 2 - 2.8





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