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blue apatite tumbled stones
blue apatite tumbled stones
blue apatite polished crystals

Blue Apatite Crystals (grade A)

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Weight (grams) : 10 - 20.4
Size (cms) : 2.4 - 3.4
Product Code: TUCU



Highly Polished Blue Apatite Tumbled Stones


Grade A blue apatite crystals, beautifully polished exceptional colour.  Although this stone tends to be known simply as apatite, the name doesn't refer to a single mineral but refers instead to a group of phosphate minerals.  This variety which is the most common, is correctly known as fluorapatite.  The prefix 'fluor' refers to the presence of fluorine.  'Apatite' comes from Greek meaning 'to deceive' or 'to be deceptive' because crystals can be difficult to identify and are often mistaken for other minerals.

In the mid 1780's a geologist who described and named the mineral zoisite wrote in regards to apatite, "until now it has misled all mineralogists in its identification".  

Apatite can be found in several colours some of which can be pretty impressive.  Fine grade blue and green stones specifically are popular with collectors.  Although used as a gemstone apatite is very difficult to work with because it's relatively soft and also brittle. 

The blue apatite crystals in our photograph are currently the only pieces we currently have available.  As with most tumbled stones weights and sizes do vary slightly from piece to piece.

These beautifully polished apatite tumbled stones were produced from material mined in Madagascar.     




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