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collection of bloodstone tumbled crystalsBloodstone Crystals | Stone Mania
collection of bloodstone tumbled crystals
nine bloodstone tumbled crystals
three bloodstone crystals isolated on a white background

Bloodstone Crystals

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Bloodstone Tumbled Stones


Highly polished bloodstone crystals chosen locally in South Africa by the team at Stone Mania.

Also known as heliotrope, bloodstone is a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz that's a mixture of jasper and the mineral chalcedony .  A dark green coloured stone with deep red inclusions caused by traces of iron, it takes on a high polish and is used primarily as a lapidary material.  With this being an opaque mineral when used as a gemstone it tends to be cut as a cabochon.  Tumbled stones are widely used in holistic therapies such as reiki and crystal healing.

In the first century AD bloodstone was claimed to preserve health and offer protection from deception.  During the Middle Ages it was widely used in sculptures which depicted flogging, whipping, lashing and martyrdom.  The red coloured inclusions were likened to blood hence were associated with the blood of Christ.  For this reason bloodstone was often associated with the church and was given religious importance.

Once used to prevent nosebleeds and as a remedy for haemorrhaging and inflammatory related diseases, today in crystal healing bloodstone is still used for blood related disorders and complete revitalisation.  It's considered to be an exceptionally powerful healing crystal.

Shapes and sizes of these highly polished bloodstone crystals varies from one piece to the next, approximate weights and sizes are given below.  All of the tumbled stones in our collection come in a colourful, protective gift pouch.

Empathic warrior crystals are stones which have at some point in time sustained some kind of damage, usually a chip or fracture.  With rocks and minerals having evolved over millions of years we do not believe in throwing stones away because of minor damage so instead offer them for sale at a significantly reduced price.  Empathic warrior crystals are not always available and should this be the case, a refund will be issued before remaining items in the order are processed.  For more information read our article on empathic warrior crystals


Save 10% on 5 Bloodstone Crystals or 30% on 10


Weight Range (grams) : 2.6 - 8 
Size Range (cms) : 2 - 2.6





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