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banded agate tumbled stones
banded agate tumbled stones
banded agate tumbled stones
banded agate tumbled stones

Banded Agate Crystals

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Banded Agate Tumbled Stones


Fine grade banded agate crystals, popular with collectors and widely used in alternative therapies including reiki and crystal healing. 

Agate is a variety of the mineral quartz but more specifically a variety of chalcedony distinguished by its colour and banded structure.  The wide variation of colours and appealing patterns in which it occurs plus the fact that it's relatively tough, makes agate ideal as a lapidary material.  

Banded agate is one of the most common varieties and probably most easy to recognise because of its prominent circular concentric bands.  Stones tend to occur in greys, reds and browns with banding mostly being white or grey.  Although agate can be an exceptionally colourful mineral it widely occurs in black, white and grey.  These stones often end up being dyed which some believe makes them more appealing to the wider commercial market.  It's not unusual to find stones and particularly agate slices that look unnaturally colourful and in most cases, this material will have been dyed.  

 The banded agate tumbled crystals that we've chosen for our collection are produced from stone mined in South Africa.  Aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally tactile, they make a great addition to any collection of polished rocks and minerals.

Empathic warrior crystals are stones which have at some point in time sustained some kind of damage, usually a chip or fracture.  With rocks and minerals having evolved over millions of years we do not believe in throwing stones away because of minor damage so instead offer them for sale at a significantly reduced price.  Empathic warrior crystals are not always available and should this be the case, a refund will be issued before remaining items in the order are processed.  For more information read our article on empathic warrior crystals


Save 10% on 5 Banded Agate Crystals or 30% on 10


Weight Range (grams) : 3 - 6.2
Size Range (cms) : 2 - 3.3





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