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angelite tumbled stones
angelite tumbled stones
angelite tumbled stones
angelite tumbled stones
angelite tumbled stones

Angelite Crystals (Extra Large)

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Weight Range (grams) : 26 - 41.8
Size Range (cms) : 2.7 - 3.6
Product Code: TUAX



AAA Grade Angelite Tumbled Stones


Angelite is a trade name for the blue variety of anhydrate.  Although this mineral occurs in several different colours, only the blue variety is correctly known as angelite.  The vast majority of material sold in the UK and USA comes from Peru.    

The mineral anhydrate is a form of calcium sulphate which occurs naturally in both an anhydrous (without water) and hydrated (with water) form. The hydrated variety is better known as gypsum which is the main ingredient of plaster and plaster of Paris. When mixed with water gypsum hardens because of the process of crystallisation. The name anhydrate comes from the Greek word anhydrous meaning 'without water'.

Angelite is widely used for decorative purposes and can often be found carved into figurines particular of angels.  This is because in the metaphysical world it's associated with heaven and the angelic realm.

Angelite is a fragile stone which must not be allowed to get wet or even be exposed to moisture.  Water causes it to turn white and over time it will degenerate into gypsum.  If angelite is being stored in a cabinet or display case it's a good idea to put some silica gel sachets close by.  These can often be found inside packaging and are used to keep the contents dry.

These fine grade angelite tumbled stones are an extra large size.  Although weights and sizes do vary slightly from piece to piece, the difference is really minimal.


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