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silver ring with six translucent crystalsSilver Gemstone Ring | Stone Mania
silver ring with six translucent crystals
silver ring featuring six colourful crystals
sterling silver gemstone ring
sterling silver ring with six blue topaz crystals
silver ring featuring six garnet gemstones
sterling silver ring featuring six zircon crystals
sterling silver ring featuring six peridot crystals
silver ring featuring six translucent crystals
sterling silver ring featuring six citrine crystals

Ladies Silver Gemstone Ring

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Sterling Silver Ring with 6 Colourful Crystals


Hand-made sterling silver ring featuring six faceted crystals.  Available with six different gemstones or six of the same.   

Designed by Stone Mania in 2006, this was our most popular silver gemstone ring and over the next few years hundreds were sold to customers around the world.  In 2012 as the focus of our business changed we stopped having them made and believed all had been sold.  During a recent stocktake however we discovered a full box hiding in a dark corner of our warehouse.

Although we have re-introduced this silver gemstone ring to our collection we only have a small number available in selective sizes.  The multi gemstone ring features amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, garnet, peridot and iolite.  It's also available just with amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, garnet or peridot.  The crystals featured in these silver rings are natural stones so exact shades of colour may vary very slightly from piece to piece.  

This colourful sterling silver gemstone ring sits close to the finger and is light weight and comfortable to wear.  It may also be worn as a thumb ring.  Although not designed to be adjustable it can be gently widened very slightly although opening the ring too far will spoil its appearance.

When not being worn sterling silver rings should be covered with a soft cloth to protect the silver from unwanted marks and scratches. Keeping silver jewellery covered will also help minimise any build-up of tarnish.  Sterling silver is a very soft metal hence will scratch quite easily.  This hand-made ladies ring comes in a colourful protective pouch.

Silver and gemstone jewellery should only be cleaned with a soft polishing cloth.  Chemical silver solutions should not be used because there's a chance it could leave marks on the gemstones.

A stylish and comfortable ladies silver gemstone ring at a great price.  




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