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chunky rose quartz gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silverRose Quartz Pendant | Stone Mania
chunky rose quartz gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
chunky rose quartz gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
chunky rose quartz gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver

Rose Quartz Pendant

Product Code: UNBH



Tantalizingly Pink Rose Quartz Pendant


  • Chunky rose quartz cabochon

  • Wonderfully translucent

  • Hand crafted sterling silver setting

  • Dramatically reduced

  • Returns Accepted




Ladies rose quartz pendant dramatically reduced because of some minor polishing issues on the surface of the stone.  As with all of the cabochon gemstones in our collection, it has been mounted in a hand-made sterling silver setting by one of a small team of artisans with whom we have been working for many years.  In the unlikely event that you're not satisfied with your purchase it may be returned for a full refund (T&C's apply). 

The depth of the pink colour in this polished rose quartz varies depending on the amount of light that's present.  Sadly our photos don't accurately reflect the full extent of its translucency or the patterns within the stone which formed as it evolved over millions of years.  This popular variety of quartz is used primarily for lapidary purposes and gemstones tend to be cut into cabochons because rose quartz is known to become slightly cloudier when faceted.  Its crystal habit is massive which is a term used to describe the external shape of an individual crystal or group of crystals.  A crystal whose habit is massive will be relatively shapeless and have no visible external crystal shape.

The shade of pink colour in rose quartz can vary dramatically but it's also sensitive to light and will fade should it be placed in direct sunlight for any length of time.  To help minimise the build up of tarnish on the sterling silver it's always a good idea to keep silver jewellery covered with a soft piece of material.  In the case of this rose quartz pendant it can be kept in the protective gift pouch that it comes in.

Weight (grams) : 26.8
Size (cms) : 3.8 x 3.2 x 1.1




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