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rainbow fluorite gemstone crafted into a ladies pendantRainbow Fluorite Pendant | Stone Mania
rainbow fluorite gemstone crafted into a ladies pendant
rainbow fluorite gemstone crafted into a ladies pendant
rainbow fluorite gemstone crafted into a ladies pendant

Rainbow Fluorite Pendant

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Translucent Rainbow Fluorite Pendant


As much as we love using rainbow fluorite in our collection of gemstone pendants we're always slightly wary because the darker coloured stones like this one can often appear to be fairly uninteresting when being worn however once illuminated from behind, this highly translucent mineral turns into something really quite magical.  Our first photograph was taken using powerful lighting so the stone looks quite bright and colourful but in fact it is actually quite dark.  Our second photo is an accurate representation of what it looks like when not being lit up from behind.  The colours that can be seen however when the pendant is held up towards the light are really beautiful so we generally find the darker shades of rainbow fluorite tend to be mostly popular with people who love wearing crystals for their healing properties or those with more of a scientific interest in rocks and minerals.  

Another characteristic worth noting is that rainbow fluorite is extremely fragile so using it for lapidary purposes can be a challenge.  Grading 4 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness is a reminder of just how delicate it is and if knocked or worse still dropped, it will either crack or fracture.  With that said, it's really not unusual for rainbow fluorite gemstones to have minor nicks, fractures or indentations which can occur at any time from the point when the mineral starts being handled.  This cabochon does have two minor fractures at the top of the stone one of which can just about be felt on the surface.  Neither goes deep into the stone but nonetheless, we have decided to offer this piece at a slightly reduced price.  Ironically in crystal healing the term empathic warrior is used to describe crystals that have suffered damage in some way and many believe their energy is considerably stronger because of the trauma they have endured.

As rainbow fluorite pendants go, the transformation that can be seen in this polished crystal is quite remarkable which is the very reason we chose it for our collection.

To zoom in even closer why not visit our page on Flickr where you'll find the original sized photograph of this rainbow fluorite pendant.

Weights (grams) : 22.4
Size (cms) : 3.4 x 2.7 x 1.1. 




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