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tiffany stone necklace pendant crafted in sterling silverTiffany Stone Pendant | Stone Mania
tiffany stone necklace pendant crafted in sterling silver
sterling silver ladies pendant featuring a tiffany stone oval shaped cabochon
tiffany stone gemstone necklace pendant crafted in a simple sterling silver setting

Tiffany Stone Pendant

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Tiffany Stone Pendant | Sale Jewellery



Tiffany stone pendant featuring a polished cabochon mounted in a fine sterling silver setting.  A striking gemstone with exceptional colour, tiffany stone is no longer being mined so material is now becoming quite rare.

A natural rock that can only be found in Western Utah in the USA, the colour of this stone is believed to be caused primarily by the the presence of the minerals quartz and fluorite.  Although sometimes referred to as bertrandite, the name is not accurate because although present in tiffany stone it's a completely different mineral.  Tiffany stone is a rock not a mineral because it does not have a crystalline structure and is instead made up of several different minerals.

The reason for this necklace pendant being added to our Jewellery Sale is because there are some minor polishing issues on the surface of the cabochon which could possibly have been polished out.  Although not visible whilst the pendant is being worn, they can be seen when the stone is held horizontally and examined carefully.  We do not believe these anomalies spoil this lovely pendant but nonetheless are offering it with a significant discount.  As with any item purchased from our Jewellery Sale section, should you not be totally satisfied it may be returned for a full refund (T&C's apply).

Weight (grams) : 19.8
Size (cms) : 4.5 x 2.9 x 0.7




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