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oval shaped amethyst cabochon crafted as a ladies pendant in sterling silverAmethyst Pendant | Stone Mania
oval shaped amethyst cabochon crafted as a ladies pendant in sterling silver
amethyst quartz mounted as a ladies pendant in fine sterling silver
amethyst cabochon mounted as a necklace pendant in sterling silver
amethyst gemstone pendant being held up towards the light  to show off the stones rich purple colour

Amethyst Pendant

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Amethyst Silver Jewellery On Sale


Rich purple coloured amethyst crystal mounted as a ladies pendant in a fine sterling silver setting.  This popular variety of the mineral quartz is widely used as a gemstone and may be faceted or polished as a cabochon.  When illuminated from behind the colour of the stone can change quite dramatically.  It exhibits a vitreous lustre which means the surface of the stone interacts with light in a similar way to glass.   

The purple colour of amethyst is caused primarily by impurities of iron but it's sensitive to light so will fade if exposed for long periods of time to natural sunlight.  Heat can also bring about a change in colour and much of the world's commercial grade citrine is produced by heating amethyst.

Our photos have been using studio lighting which enables us to capture the true colour of this gorgeous stone.  As the last photo shows, when illuminated from behind it really is quite magical.  The reason for this amethyst quartz  pendant being added to our Jewellery Sale is because there is a very small indentation on one side of the cabochon but you'll really need to look really closely to see it.  This minor anomaly is on the upper left side.

Our ladies gemstone pendants are hand-made by one of a small team of artisans with whom we have been working for almost twenty years. This amethyst crystal is mounted in a fine sterling silver setting.  

Weight (grams) : 13.3
Size (cms) : 3.1 x 2.2 x 0.9




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