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onyx gemstone mounted in sterling silverOnyx Pendant | Stone Mania
onyx gemstone mounted in sterling silver
ladies onyx pendant mounted in sterling silver
onyx gemstone mounted in sterling silver
sterling silver onyx gemstone pendant

Onyx Pendant

Product Code: QLTP



Onyx Pendant in Sterling Silver


Sterling silver ladies pendant featuring a highly translucent onyx gemstone.  Onyx is a popular lapidary material which exhibits distinctive bands of colour that typically alternate between black and white. Shades of red and brown are not uncommon but when present the mineral tends to be known as carnelian or sardonyx.  Due to it being translucent, onyx can look quite different depending on how much or how little light passes through the stone.  For this reason we have photographed this pendant on a whitte and a darker background.   

Pliny the Elder Ancient Roman author and naturalist wrote about different techniques used to dye onyx and one of the reasons why it's considered suitable for dyeing is because it's very porous.  Although this mineral occurs in a variety of colours they can often be very subtle hence through the process of dyeing it makes stones more attractive for the wider commercial market.  Black onyx does occur naturally but the vast majority is dyed.  

This ladies onyx pendant necklace has been craftred entirely by hand in a fine sterling silver setting.  It's good practice to keep silver and gemstone jewellery covered when not being worn not only to protect the gemstone but also to help minimise any build up of tarnish.   

Weight (grams) : 18
Size (cms) : 3.1 x 2.9 x 0.7




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