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labradorite gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silverLabradorite Pendant | Stone Mania
labradorite gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
labradorite gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver
labradorite gemstone pendant crafted in sterling silver

Labradorite Pendant

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Gorgeous Labradorite Gemstone Pendant


When choosing labradorite cabochons for our collection of ladies pendants we always try to opt for the finest grade of stone because the lower grades simply don't exhibit the same quality of iridescence.  This beautiful polished mineral is a perfect example of finest grade labradorite and is sure to take your breath away.  Boasting distinctive striations across the front of the stone and magnificent blue and green colour as it catches the light at different angles, it's a magical piece and one that you'll love having as part of your collection. 

Slightly chunkier than some of our other labradorite pendants, it sits in a setting of fine sterling silver and should always be covered with a soft cloth when not being worn in order to protect the gemstone and minimise the build up of tarnish.  

Although labradorescence is a natural optical phenomena, it's one that's totally fascinating and is seen better in some pieces of labradorite than in others.  As this gemstone is gently moved around in the light you cant help but marvel at the magnificence of Mother Nature.  Sadly our photos do not do this labradorite pendant the justice that it truly deserves however you can see this same piece on our Facebook page and that photo which was not taken under studio lighting, really does speak for itself.

Weight (grams) : 35.2
Size (cms) : 4.6 x 3.5 x 1.1




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